Draco Smart Battery

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Hot Swappable Batteries

Battery pack for the UVify Draco and Draco HD.

Features include

  • Smart Battery ensures you do no undervolt or discharge cells
  • 1600mah 4S 75C capacity and discharge rate for high speeds
  • Battery status indicator for real-time battery information

Package Contents

1 x Draco Smart Battery.


UVify’s Smart Battery has a built-in computer that measures mission-critical data such as voltage, current, mAh, and battery life.


UVify’s Smart Battery provides you with unparalleled performance and reliability, ensuring consistent power output for the ultimate flying experience.


Maximum discharge means maximum performance in flight. You want more power? Draco gives it to you.

Battery Life

UVify’s battery technology optimizes power usage, giving you the most efficient power system ever made for a racing drone..