Draco HD

Recevier Type

You will need to purchase separately either a DSM (Spektrum) Radio or a Turnigy Evolution. Please choose your version carefully. You will also need a ProSight Receiver for Video downlink to Goggles.

Upgradeable core components

UVify's modular design gives you the power to upgrade your Draco as you desire.

Rapid-swap battery

Keep flying with UVify's patented rapid-swap smart battery. Draco's battery has a computer built in that measures mission critical information, including voltage, current, mAH, and battery life.

Draco's rapid-swap smart battery is a snap to use and gives you the freedom to transport your gear without worry.

Maximum portability

Draco components are easily transported and quickly assembled, giving you the freedom to get up and go to the most extreme flying environments with ease.

Draco video