Draco Replacement Plastics Kit

by UVify

The Full Works

A complete set of replacement plastic components for the Draco or Draco HD. This kit is ideal if you wish to customize your draco with Hydrodipping and custom paint schemes as well as having spares in the event you damage anything in a crash.

Package Contents

  • Replacement Draco Camera Canopy with diffusers
  • Replacement Draco Camera Mount
  • Replacement Draco Battery Rail
  • Replacement Draco Arm Covers with diffuser (x4)
  • Replacement Draco Frame
  • Replacement Draco Camera Holder  (Draco or Draco HD)
  • Replacement Draco Battery Release Button
  • Replacement Draco Battery Release Lock
  • Replacement Draco Rear diffuser (Draco or Draco HD)

UVify Part Numbers: 432‐00001, 432-00002, 432-00003, 432-00004, 432-00005, 432-00006, 432-00007, 432-00011, 432‐00012, 432‐00015, 432‐00016, 432‐00017, 432‐00018, 432-00019